Saturday 2nd July 2022

Mickleham Village Hall, 20 Dell Close, Mickleham, Dorking, Surrey RH5 6EE.

The Copthorne Canter.

A choice of three different races.

The Daytime Canter, The Night Canter or the 24hr Canter!

A chance to take on our now infamous Copthorne Loop. 10.3miles of fantastic Surrey trails with 2,100ft of ascent incorporating ‘Kamikaze Hill’, ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ the Boxhill Stepping Stones & everyones favourite ‘Satans Staircase’.

You can enter the Daytime Canter, the Night Canter or you could enter them both. Starting in waves during the day, you have the opportunity race flat out on a fully signed loop of the course.

Starting & finishing at Mickleham Village Hall, you will be chipped before you set off & there will be timing sensors throughout the course to measure your progress along the route.

Dependant on numbers, we will set the runners off in groups of no more than 10 at a time. With intervals of 20 minutes between each wave.

The Daytime Canter first wave will start at 8am, with the Night Canter starting at 8pm. The later the wave, the more chance of having to use your headtorch. All runners doing the Night Canter must carry a headtorch as part of their mandatory kit.

The 24hr Canter. See how many loops you can do in the 24hrs from 8am on Saturday to 8am on Sunday. There is no cutoff for you leaving HQ for your final lap, if you think you can cram in a last 60minute loop then we won’t stop you but only complete laps will count for towards your total. Your headtorch must be carried from 8pm onwards. This race is not for the fainthearted but access to your drop bag every 10 miles back at the village hall provides options for kit, alternative food etc.

GPX files will be available to all entrants.

Entry Fees

The Daytime Canter is £20 affiliated or £22 Non-affiliated
The Night Canter is £20 affiliated or £22 Non-Affiliated
The 24hr Canter is £70 affiliated or £72 Non-affiliated

Due to permit regulations, all runners must be aged 17yrs or over for the Daytime & Night Canter, those runners doing the 24hr Canter must be aged 20yrs or older on race day.

Mandatory Kit

  • Headtorch for the Night & 24hr Canter runners
  • Mobile phone.
  • silver foil blanket.
  • 1/2lt bladder or bottles capable of carrying 1/2lt of fluids. We recommend a small handheld
  • Most importantly of all, a Canary. Those of you that have run our charity events know how important this is. No Canary, no run! Canary mementos from our previous events are *NOT* acceptable. A ‘Fine’ of £25 payable to our charity will be imposed on the runners not bringing the Canary.

Entries open on the 1st November 2021 at 8am.


We are a cupless event so please make sure you bring one if you want water, tea or coffee from the checkpoint.


Registration for the runners will be in waves according to their start time, please arrive no earlier than one hour before your timed slot to allow for kit check & chip allocation. Please bring all mandatory kit when registering.

Please note, We advise that the mandatory kit is carried at all times but it is down to the individual racer. Only the Canary MUST be carried throughout the race. Failure to do so will result in a DQ.

We are a cupless event so please make sure you bring one if you want water etc from the checkpoint.

We will monitor the CV-19 situation & although we hope that the virus will be under control by July 2022, we will be fully Covid Compliant under whatever rules are in place. All competitors will be updated via email as to our protocols nearer the time.

Deferrals & Refunds

Refunds of 50% of the race fee available up to 31/05/22.  No refund will be available after that date.

All race entries are non transferable & no deferrals are offered.

All finishers receive a Copthorne Canter Daytime/Night or 24hr memento.

Race waiver.