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Do you need a Canary to enter our events?
Yes, not a live one obviously! It can be a keyring, a stuffed toy, a blowup Norwich City inflatable, let your imagination run wild. You need to carry it around the course though.
Are your events chip timed?
Yes, all of our events are chip timed and accurately measured.
Will I receive anything through the post?
No, nothing is posted. You will receive all race information by email and you will collect your race pack on the day of the event.
Do you have a baggage drop? Do you charge for it?
Yes we will have a baggage drop, and it is FREE to use. We have a member of staff at all times in the hall while you run.
Am I allowed to wear headphones?
We’d strongly advise against it – the nature of the events means that you need to be aware of your surroundings and be able to hear marshals instructions if needed.

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