The Copthorne Races – 2023

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    The Copthorne Races – 2023

    Saturday 25th November 2023 08:00

    Modelled on the infamous Caesars Camp races, The Copthorne Races take place in Surrey, featuring a wide mix of terrain, woodland and contouring in and around the Box Hill, Mickleham and Headley areas. Indeed, the race name is a play on words as Headley was part of the Copthorne Hundred, an administrative division devised by the Saxons.

    The races start at Mickleham Village Hall (Race HQ) with a new improved route of just over ten-mile loops (therefore the 50k consists of 3 loops), providing a cumulative of ascent gained of approximately 2,260 feet per loop. The route will be fully marked on the day with signs & tape. GPX files available to all entrants below.

    Take a look at the official photos from Leonard Martin to get a feel for the event.

    As in the 2022 Copthorne Races, we again offer a choice of four distances for the weekend.

    • 50km 6,780ft of ascent with a 9hr cutoff.
    • 50 mile 11,300ft of ascent with a 14.5hr cutoff.
    • 100km 13,560ft of ascent with an 18hr cutoff.
    • 100 mile 22,600 ft of ascent with a 32hr cutoff.

    Course Records

    Male-Jono Wood 4:49:27 / Female-Ria Woodfield 6:07:36

    Male-Ed Knudsen 8:22:34 / Female-Katarzyna Chojnacka 10:36:42

    Male-Lyndon Cooper 10:28:59 / Female-Annabel Cremin 15:39:38

    Male-Drew Sheffield 23:46:58 / Female-Michelle White 25:47:00


    The Copthorne Races is not for the fainthearted but access to an indoor checkpoint at mile 5 of every loop and your drop bag every 10 miles back at Mickleham village hall provides options for kit, alternative food etc.

    Mickleham Village Hall will also be well stocked with the ‘usual’ ultramarathon nutrition and hot food will be available from approximately 7pm

    Whilst we try to cater for everybody, please bring along any specific foodstuffs or drinks you require.

    The 5 mile checkpoint will only offer water.

    Entry Fees

    The 50 km is £55 affiliated or £57 non-affiliated
    The 50 miler is £75 affiliated or £77 non-affiliated

    The 100 km is £85 affiliated or £87 non-affiliated
    The 100 miler is £120 affiliated or £122 non-affiliated

    Due to permit regulations, all runners must be aged 20yrs or older on race day.

    Mandatory Kit

    • Primary and secondary head torches or other light sources with sufficient spare battery packs/batteries. A mobile phone torch does not count as a primary or secondary light source.
    • Mobile phone.
    • Silver foil/survival blanket or survival bag
    • Waterproof jacket (Taped seams)
    • Hydration bladder or bottles capable of carrying at least 1/2lt of fluids
    • Most importantly of all, a Canary. Those of you that have run our charity events know how important this is. No Canary, no run! Canary mementos from our previous events are *NOT* acceptable.
    The Copthorne Races
    Leonard-Martin Photography Copthorne Races 2022


    Runners must reach the end of the designated loop (at the Village Hall) within the following timings to be allowed to continue with the race:

    All racers to be through the 50k point or finished by 9hrs.

    All 50 mile racers to be finished in 14.5hrs.

    All 100km racers to be finished in 18hrs

    All 100 mile racers to be through the set cut off times or finished as follows.

    • 50 miles 15hrs
    • 70 miles 21hrs 15minutes
    • 90 miles 28 hrs
    • 100 miles 32 hrs
    • The interim cut-offs may be waived at the race directors discretion.
    The Copthorne Races
    Leonard-Martin Photography Copthorne Races 2022

    Registration & Kit Check

    Registration for the runners will be available at the village hall from 7pm to 9pm on the 24th November & from 6am to 7.30am on the 25th November. Please bring all mandatory kit when registering.

    Please note, ALL MANDATORY KIT is to carried at all times through the race. Failure to do so will result in a DQ. Random kit checks will take place during the race.

    We are a cupless event so please make sure you bring one if you want water etc from a checkpoint.

    Deferrals & Refunds

    Refunds of 50% of the race fee available up to 21st of October 2023, No refund will be available after that date.

    All race entries are non transferable & no deferrals are offered unless covered by our female athletes policy here

    To register for this you must confirm that you agree to the Race Waiver. If you agree to this waiver please tick this box