The Beer 21

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    The Beer 21

    Saturday 29th June 2024 13:00

    The Beer 21 is here.

    Can you drink Beer & run at the same time? You're an Ultrarunner, of course you can & we have just the race for you!

    The Beer 21 starts at 1pm outside Mickleham Village Hall where you will you run to the aid station table to have your first beer. Once you've drunk that, you then start on your first lap of three miles. Every lap when you're back at the Aid station, you drink your next beer, all the way through to seven laps & 21 miles.

    When you've completed your seventh lap & drank your 8th beer & because every good night out on the beer always ends with a kebab, you make your way to our Canary Trails pop up Kebab shop. Once you've eaten your kebab, (Choice of vegan or meat) you then stagger inside to the final drinks table where you have your last beer. The first person to finish their last beer wins!

    5hr cut off.

    The race in numbers, 21 miles, 9 beers, 7 laps, 5hrs & 1 kebab.

    Once the race is over, you are more than welcome to stay for the evening party & music to celebrate Canary Trails fifth anniversary.

    This is a dedicated charity event & as with all of our charity events, we offer no refunds or deferrals, if you can't make it, your entry fee goes directly into our charity pot.

    All profits from the event will be donated to our chosen charity.

    Entry Fee


    All entrants must be 18yrs or over on race day & the beers will be half pints at 5% strength.

    Mandatory Kit

    Inflatable Canary. Thats it.

    Entries open at 10am on Saturday 23rd September

    To register for this you must confirm that you agree to the Race Waiver. If you agree to this waiver please tick this box